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Written By:
Mark Slevinsky
Matthew Slevinsky,
Ryan Fitzpatrick
Ryan Fox
Compiled April 6th, 1997
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MARK SLEVINSKY- Bass, guitar, vocals. 

Mark Slevinsky is currently a bassist in several different bands, the mod factor being the most promising. Mark has spent three years playing bass guitar, and in the last six months has learned how to play the six-string guitar. Currently a 9th grade student at fifteen years of age, Mark is the youngest member of the mod factor. His favorite spice girl is Geri. His turn-ons include nubile young women who play guitar, hot tubs filled with firebird guitars, and Monty Python. His first recording took twenty minutes to make, and his second took even longer. None of these recordings will ever be released. His current playing rig consists of a custom five string fretless Thunderbird, a thirty watt Crate bass amp, and a Zoom 506 multi-effects unit. Favorite Influence : The Who, Led Zeppelin
RYAN C. FITZPATRICK- Guitar, Singing 

Born out of the disco establishment of the late 1970's, Ryan is the eldest member of the band and easily the least talented. With his heavy beat influence and his knack for writing a catchy pop lyric, he helped form the mod factor out of the ashes of his former band, The Sugarducks which also featured members of the great Calgary hair metal "scene". Having graduated to a Cheap Trick covers band, Ryan left under duress with high-school acquaintance Matt Slevinsky to form their own band with a shred of integrity. At times calming Matt's base urge to play Smashing Pumpkins covers and sing bad 80's hair ballads, Ryan has become an integral part of the "famous" Slevinsky/Fitzpatrick/Slevinsky/Fox song writing team. Favorite Influence : The Beatles
Matthew A. Slevinsky- Guitar, Vocals 

Matt escaped an early Barry Manilow fixation to go on to become a fan of great pop songs from all eras. Currently writing an epic crock opera with his brother, Mark, also a member of the mod factor, Matt's wacky take on the electric guitar and vocal composition have made him an underlying force in his basement. Matt's favorite Spice Girl is also Geri, but he has a soft spot for Victoria and Emma. He is the "mysterious" mod factorian, often hiding out in dimly lit corners of the University campus writing depressing songs about triangles (love and right-angle). In his spare time, Matt vents his passive aggressive nature as a unibomber double. Favorite Influence : Urge Overkill
Ryan J Fox-Drums, Vocals 

Ryan was the latest comer to the band, invited by Ryan to join as the drummer. Ryan felt the band needed a stronger rhythm section, and invited Ryan to showcase his talents. Ryan, often known as 'the other Ryan' was skeptical of Ryan's band at first, but upon hearing the Slevinski brothers play, decided there was some talent. The Other Ryan's love for the Rolling Stones counters Ryan's love for the Beatles, often causing tension and bloody violence between the Ryans. Ryan doesn't like any of the Spice Girls... they are all scary. Ryan has six years of training in classical percussion, and five in jazz percussion. He plays with a more subdued style, along the lines of Johnny Fay and Charlie Watts. Ryan keeps his forearms in shape by cleaning up in the U of C engineering foosball league. He is the quiet Factorian. Favorite Influence: 
The Rolling Stones