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Mod on a budget

Our first tape was recorded November 8, 1997 at the Clubhouse studio in Calgary. In three hours we miraculously managed to sling out Seven songs. The songs are in the following order: 1. 96.9, 2. Jack of Spades, 3. Painted, 4. Jaune Soleil, 5. A Lullabye, 6. Modrophenia. All of these songs are original pieces of artwork copyrighted either RCF, MOS,or MAS. Mail us and we'll let you buy one They're available for $4 a pop. We will be selling them at our gigs and are available at Sloth and Melodiya records in calgary. If you'd like a press kit or a bio from us, feel free to also drop us a line as we finished that as well.

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