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Mod Factor Gig List 
Watch out!  Your town could be hit next!!!
Jan 25, 1997  Soul Tattoo Opening for the amazing 12-0-1 blues band
may 17, 1997, Soul tattoo Opening for the Marleywalds
June 21, 1997- Soul tattoo Closing act of the buttercup summer jamboree
Aug. 1, 1997-Soul Tattoo With Common Ground
Sept 12, 1997- Soul Tattoo Replacement for Guardian
Sept 13, 1997- ? Corn Roast gig
Sept 19, 1997- Soul Tattoo With Waver
Nov. 1, 1997- CHBC Soulfest '97 psychadelic pop stage
Nov 8. 1997- The Clubhouse The "Mod on a budget" recording session
Official Hiatus Nothin' doin'
Jan 31, 1998- Soul Tattoo Main act, Common Ground opening
May 29, 1998- Soul Tattoo Main act, Chronic Tree opening

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