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Matt's Cool Stories Vol.1 - Hilarity Ensues when Matt Finds his Vanilla Ice Tape!!!!
    I was cleaning the band Minivan out last weekend (on my 20th birthday actually) and I found my Vanilla Ice tape!  To the Extreme boyyyyyyy.  Maccin' and all 'dat ya know what I'm sayin'.  Anyway, every time I drive anywhere now I put that tape in and cruise by people.  To make matters worse, I have the urge to put it on such hits as "Play that Funky Music" and "I Love You".  Man, If I could write songs like that... 
    Last Sunday night I was driving some friends of mine home from a barbeque and one of them happend to let me know that she had lost a textbook in the parking lot of my local safeway.  What could I do but crank up "Life is a Fantasy" and roll down the Minivan window and start to ask everyone in sight if they'd seen it!  What entertainment value! 
    Come to think of it, I remember when Mark had racing stripes, not unlike the ones sported by 'ol Vanilla himself. (pictured below) Maybe we should start our own rap group and forget about this "being able to respect ourselves" crap.  Kick it one more time.  Word to your mother.