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Saturday, November 14th
Wel, Friday the 13th wasn't too bad to us, as we played a great unified gig at SoulFest opening the late night Punk/Rock stage.

 We are going to apply to play at the Unicorn Pub downtown and at Morgan's on 17th too.  Wish us luck and send email if you would like.  Download the mp3s if you would like to too.

Matt's rants page about Mudhoney and Hole's new albums is now up too.
Monday, October 5th
Here's some nifty info!  Soulfest is on the way  this year on November 13th and 14th, and we have posters and postcards for the occasion.  You should also come and check us out at the Soul Tattoo in a side project we like to call Mod Factor X on Halloween Oct. 31st! .  At the moment, Mod Factor X will be the brothers Slevinsky and a mystery drummer!  Who will it be?  Where is Fitz?  Will they ever practise?  All these questions will be answered when I get around to it.  The original Mod Factor lineup will be the one at Soulfest, so long term observers, do not dispair, we have not broken up!

These are Other Bands and Attractions apparently appearing at Soulfest '98:
     The Buicks - (A great bunch o' lads)
     Box Tree - (I have never seen them play, I think they won the "popularity" contest at last year's SoulFest)
     The Kimberlites - (A Celtic infused pop band.  A must see)
     Splendid - (Another great group of guys with some great songs.  Contains Expatriots from Tupelov)
     Juliana Thiessen (Miss Universe Canada 1998) - (I always thought she was genuinely beautiful in Jr. High, I'm glad the rest of the country thinks so too!  She will be speaking at the end of the night on the 13th)
    Mercer - (They were playing the same night as us last year at SoulFest '97, I look forward to seeing them play)
   and Many, Many More....

New this month is Matt's ramblings!  In addition to telling cool stories, I will give you my little reviews or opinions on music and records I have!   This issue features bits on Mudhoney and Hole, so check it out if you are interested.
Wednesday, August 19th

This is the 'new look' page!  Howdya like it?  Comments?  Suggestions?  Email me to tell me how you like it!   There will be an even more high-tech version coming soon!

This Just In-The Mod Factor Will be appearing at this year's SoulFest at the Soul Tattoo. Check back here for info on the perennial rock festival and our Sophomore performance in it!  Other bands appearing include Splendid, the Buicks, and the Kimberlites.  It will be a great gathering of young and inventive bands so if you are interested give me an EMail and I will get back to you with more info!
Friday, August 14th
If you thought that the last update break was long... I (Matt) will be taking over updating duties as of now because Mark is too busy.

We ended up playing with Common Ground and Splendid (formerly Tupelov) on July 31st  at the venerable Soul Tattoo.  Our guest vocalist Angela did a lovely little Neil Young number called "Birds" with us and I hope that we get the opportunity to do something like that again.
On a personal note this was a good show despite our sound being a little off (we needed more practice].   We had some attitude that night .  Thanks go out to Steve, Cory, Dean and Brock from Splendid for giving us the opportunity.  On a musical note: some songs we are considering ditching on a permanent basis include Just a Song, Minivan and  Jaune Soleil.  Reportoire changes...  Camel Walk...

You can expect a band hiatus until some "additions" in our lives are complete. (Do these guys EVER stay on for more than 3 months at a time?]

Be sure to check out Matt's Cool Story of the Week!

Expect A New Page Format Soon.