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Tetris DX

Tetris DX by Nintendo, is an incredible puzzle game!  From the instant I sat down with it in my hands I was in love.  Being a seasoned tetris veteran, I was glad to see that all of the classic Tetris action had been kept intact, with the addition of some nifty little modes which made this game that much more enjoyable.  Although easier than the previous gameboy tetris games, Tetris DX offers some other challenges such as the various VS modes.  After I had reached a certain power level, I found myself playing VS matches against my own character!  

As for the gameplay, it is much improved over any other version of tetris previously available for the GB.  The control is responsive (if not TOO responsive), and the addition of a short pause before a piece's location is finalized allows players to keep going as long as their brains and thumbs can hack it.  I found all of the modes equally interesting and fun to play, not to mention as addicting! 

The graphics are clear and crisp, and show off some of the potential the GBC possesses.  The pieces look decent, the scrolling sidebars look cool, and the effect when you get a tetris is very, very cool.  The VS modes also show some nifty effects (when you win or lose).  The endings look kind of goofy, but considering this is a GB compatible game, I think they did extremely well to make the graphics as sweet as possible. 

Which brings me to the music in the game.  Other magazines and sites have harped on the fact that there is no longer any of the old Russian music in the game, but instead some modern pop/ hip hop music in the game.  I think the music is pretty good  overall, and I think it's a good break from 8 years of hearing the old tetris music.  One thing I don't like, however, is the "panic" music when your lines pile up past about half way- it really puts the stress on, and in fact, provides me with reason enough to turn the music right off, and play in silence!  

So here's the final marks for Tetris DX - by Nintendo. 

Gameplay -9- Lots of good modes to keep it interesting 
Control- 9 -  Classic Tetris controls couldn't be much improved over this! 
Graphics- 9 - If this is the first GBC game, we're in for a real treat! 
Sound- 7 -  Panic music makes me mad :) 
Replay value- 8 - You can't really add much to tetris, so it doesn't really offer anything too original to hold interest other than the great color, control, and gameplay. 

Overall  score, 8.5 out of 10.