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Tech. Info

Processor:  8 MHz Z80 work alike by Sharp with TWO processor modes: Single (4MHz) and double (8MHz). 

Video:  10, 32, or 56 on screen colors from a palette of 32000, Screen made by Sharp 

Sound:  4 Channel FM stereo- same as pocket

Controls:  8 directional D-Pad, A,B, select, and Start buttons. 

Power:  10+ hours on 2 AAA batteries, or power from AC adapter. 

Size:  Similar to the gameboy Pocket. 

Resolution: 160x144x56 colors 

Sprites: 40 - 8x16, 8x8 (four color sprites-4 colors- 1 being a transparent)

Tiles:  512 on screen making use of the 16K of VRAM

Cart Size:   256KBit - 16MBit for GB compatible games. Up to 32MBit ROM & 64KBytes RAM for CGB cartridges.

DMA:   Two new DMA transfer modes. Transfer is constant regardless of CPU speed. New modes allow tranferring anything from ROM or RAM to VRAM at a rate of 16 bytes per H-Blank.

Display Modes:10 color mode:  For non-color games: 4 background & window colors, 3 sprite palette 0, and 3 sprite palette 1 colors for a total of 10. The GBC will ignore the SGB color tables and supports none of the SGB features.

The 32 and 56 color modes will still have 4 color sprites (with one transparent) but the games with CGB enabled modes will correct a bunch of sprite priority bugs in the original gameboy (yes there were bugs in the original gameboy!) Also, there can now be up to 512 tiles on screen because of the double size of the graphics buffer. (16K)  But still, alot of this technology is still undocumented (or at least undisclosed).   The number of BG colors in the 56 color mode is 32 colors, and the maximum number of colors for sprites will be 24 (3colors per sprite*8 pallettes).  Raster effects are also possible.
The GBC will feature both a Standard Gamelink port as well an infared link port with an extended transmit range (30 Feet?  Anyways, It'll be greater than the six feet of link cable).  Also, there is a funny looking sound port on the bottom which suggests a mixable sound input for some kind of weird voice recognition thing.  Still has the standard stereo headphone jack.

I also found out (next generation on-line: the only magazine on the net that gives a care about the GBC) that the GB will have four-player split-screen linkup capabilities with the N64!  This is achieved through four GBC's connected through the joystick ports.  The N64 and the GBC have the hardware to do such built right in!