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The Rumor Mill

The Following information was mailed to me by a guy named  Melvin , and I'm not sure about how credible his information is.  However, there is some interesting gaming gossip in here so why not :)

Wario Land 2 is officially announced as a GBC game , that is really official , but it isn't sure yet wether the color tables are
built in the game or in the GBC , but it'll probably be in the game , the game on itself is not big enough to fill 8m , I think
about 2m is spent on the Color tables , and other extra stuff.

Another official is another Tetris sequel , named Tetris Deluxe ( the name will eventually change ) this one is also bound
for GBC at its release , but wether it is one of the six games nintendo promises is unsure ( not all tetris games are made by
nintendo themselves ).

Metroid 2 , is also officially announced as a GBC game , but wether it is one of 10 games with color tables built in GBC or
just a rerelease

Harvest Moon and Legend of the Riverking will be rereleased in full color next year.

Pokemon , yep it's going to be color too , still it ain't sure wether it's built in the game or in the system , count on
the system tough.

Sunsoft wants to have some fame too , and they'll rerelease at least 8 classic GB games in full color: Gremlins 2 , Batman ,
Batman:Return of the Joker , Looney Tunes , Taz Mania , Daffy Duck , Speedy Gonzales , Power Battle..... Since sunsoft
also owns the rights on the Final Fantasy Legend series , we might see them rereleased in full color , or maybe even a
sequel, but squaresoft  wouldn't be making the sequel.

Konami not only announced the Spawn , they also announced ISS and an Ice Hockey game ( name unknown ) for GBC ,
and you can count on them doing a RPG , in Japan they'll make Monster Capsule wich is probably going to be a GBC
game... but Suikoden or Azure Dreams could be possible contestants.

THQ will bring RugRats , Yoda Stories and a Bug's Life to GBC  , Titus will release Xena and Hercules.. in the least , but
Superman is probably a GBC game too and Take 2 has Silicon Valley and Three Lions for us , but GTA is rumored to be
coming too!

On the Nintendo side , the sequel to links awakening will be called Zelda:Dreaming Isle ... and another game is a
Mario/Wario platform game , details are still pretty vague.

Dragon Quest Monsters  will be huge and full-color (16 megs), but stillnothing is known about an english version , that's a real shame.

It looks like Capcom will be developing GBC games too , so the rumors could be right ! however count on either a sequel
in the Megaman series or a rerelease of Megaman 5 ( the greatest I'm for sure ), Megaman IV won't be rereleased...

Also expect more RPGs

 Magic the Gathering for N64 is a N64 GBpack game , and that means we can also expect it will be a GBC game ,
put it in the rumors section , same goes for LEGO racers .

 Mario Artist Pocket , a mini version of the upcoming Mario Artist games , using the printer etc. etc. , it isn't
necesarily a GBC game.

A fact is that hasbro too , is making GBC games, one of them is going to be monopoly , but it might just be that
some of the classic Lynx games will get a rerelease on GBC , like Blue Lightning , Rygar and Shadows of the Beast.... it's
just a rumor tough .

At the time Extreme G2 is released GBC will also get an Extreme G game , compatible with Extreme G2 , it would be
cool if this one would be true!

The infra red bar on GBC is actually a built in version of the GBKiss modem. (I doubt it though)