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Welcome to the Color Gameboy Review
Thanks for stopping by.  On this portion of the site, you will find reviews of games released for the Gameboy Color system, complete with screenshots. 

I only have a few reviews up right now, and I am willing to accept reader reviews.  So if you wish, you may send your reviews to my e-mail address mentioned on the main page. 

Remember, these are only my opinions, and as such should not be relied upon as a sole resource for buying games.  Check magazines, friends, video stores, and anyone else for reviews of games. 

Reviewed Games- In order appearing on the page.

Tetris DX 
The Legend of Zelda- Links Awakening DX 
Rampage World Tour 
Tetris DX

Tetris DX by Nintendo, is an incredible puzzle game!  From the instant I sat down with it in my hands I was in love.  Being a seasoned tetris veteran, I was glad to see that all of the classic Tetris action had been kept intact, with the addition of some nifty little modes which made this game that much more enjoyable.  Although easier than the previous gameboy tetris games, Tetris DX offers some other challenges such as the various VS modes.  After I had reached a certain power level, I found myself playing VS matches against my own character!  

As for the gameplay, it is much improved over any other version of tetris previously available for the GB.  The control is responsive (if not TOO responsive), and the addition of a short pause before a piece's location is finalized allows players to keep going as long as their brains and thumbs can hack it.  I found all of the modes equally interesting and fun to play, not to mention as addicting! 

The graphics are clear and crisp, and show off some of the potential the GBC possesses.  The pieces look decent, the scrolling sidebars look cool, and the effect when you get a tetris is very, very cool.  The VS modes also show some nifty effects (when you win or lose).  The endings look kind of goofy, but considering this is a GB compatible game, I think they did extremely well to make the graphics as sweet as possible. 

Which brings me to the music in the game.  Other magazines and sites have harped on the fact that there is no longer any of the old Russian music in the game, but instead some modern pop/ hip hop music in the game.  I think the music is pretty good  overall, and I think it's a good break from 8 years of hearing the old tetris music.  One thing I don't like, however, is the "panic" music when your lines pile up past about half way- it really puts the stress on, and in fact, provides me with reason enough to turn the music right off, and play in silence!  

So here's the final marks for Tetris DX - by Nintendo. 

Gameplay -9- Lots of good modes to keep it interesting 
Control- 9 -  Classic Tetris controls couldn't be much improved over this! 
Graphics- 9 - If this is the first GBC game, we're in for a real treat! 
Sound- 7 -  Panic music makes me mad :) 
Replay value- 8 - You can't really add much to tetris, so it doesn't really offer anything too original to hold interest other than the great color, control, and gameplay. 

Overall  score, 8.5 out of 10. 

 The Legend of Zelda- Link's Awakening DX

Zelda DX by Nintendo, is a re-release of the popular RPG from 1993.  In this game you once again control Link the adventurer in more err... adventure!  I found this game to be a good rerelease with some good things going for it. 

The gameplay is above average, the quest is long and involved, and at the end you feel as though you know the characters.  The control is typical nintendo fare, which means that you can play for hours without complaint.  However, the new dungeon (one of the most heavily anticipated features in the game) was a serious let-down, in that it took about twenty minutes to beat.  I already own the original Zelda GB and so it felt rather tedious going through the whole game over again. 

The graphics (as can be seen in the pictures above) are just beautiful.  Palettes were assigned for the most part in  good way, making use of most of the 56 colors available to the GBC.  The detail in some of the background tiles have also been improved.  However, I felt that the palettes assigned to the characters could have been a bit less repetitive- I think there were a total of four different character palettes through the whole first half of the game (excluding the forest). 

The music is great, and add effect to the game.  In the dungeons it gets spooky, in the overworld the music fits the surroundings.  In the new dungeon, there is a rendition of the old NES Zelda dungeon music, and it sounded very solid.  The sound effects are also good, and add to the overall effect of the game. 

So here's the final marks for Zelda DX - by Nintendo. 

Gameplay -7- The same old game... 
Control- 9 -   With the same great control... 
Graphics- 8 - With some good graphics.... 
Sound- 9 -  And typically good music... 
Replay value- 6 - It's agonizing going through this game over and over and over... 

Overall  score, 8 out of 10. 
*note*  I would have given this a score of 9 had it not have been for the fact that it is a rerelease, and that so many of us already own it. 

Rampage: World Tour

I think it must be a prerequisite for a successful system to have a rampage game, and I suppose the GBC is no different at all.  For those of you who don't know, Rampage World Tour was a successful arcade game a few years back, with gameplay consisting of breaking buildings, eating people, destroying helicopters and crunching cars- all for the sake of having a good time. 

The gameplay is a solid representation of the arcade version, with all of the eating, crunching, and blowing up of stuff you'd expect from the rampage name.  Unfortunately, that's where it ends-  There's nothing expanded in this version from its arcade counterpart, which I suppose is fine, and will be rated as a representation of the arcade. 

Graphically, Rampage World Tour looks pretty solid.  The characters are fluid (as fluid as the DKL series I'd say) and the color enhances the feel of the game, however, what is missing is the different backgrounds of the cities, and of course the detail in people.  I remember being able to eat the queen in the arcade- and I though that it would be cool to do the same on the GBC, however, due to the relatively low resolution, it doesn't look like it was possible.  Oh well :)  Overall, the color adds to the game, but on the same token, it doesn't really add that much to the game. 

The Music in Rampage was okay.  It really didn't add much to the effect of the game, and the screams and squishes are inaudible which was a bit of a disappointment, however, I still think the music is well suited. 

So here's the final marks for Rampage World Tour - by Midway. 

Gameplay -8-  What you'd expect from a rampage game. 
Control- 7 -  Not quite the same as the arcade, it took some getting used to. 
Graphics- 8 - Good graphics, and even better animation. 
Sound- 7 -  Average music and sound effects, but still fitting with the theme. 
Staying power- 7 - It's a good port of a good arcade game.  And as such, there really isn't much you can add to keep you coming back again.  It's fun, but only while it holds your interest.   

Overall  score, 7.3 out of 10. 

A solid game, good for a quick fix but not great when considering game depth.