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Rampage: World Tour

I think it must be a prerequisite for a successful system to have a rampage game, and I suppose the GBC is no different at all.  For those of you who don't know, Rampage World Tour was a successful arcade game a few years back, with gameplay consisting of breaking buildings, eating people, destroying helicopters and crunching cars- all for the sake of having a good time. 

The gameplay is a solid representation of the arcade version, with all of the eating, crunching, and blowing up of stuff you'd expect from the rampage name.  Unfortunately, that's where it ends-  There's nothing expanded in this version from its arcade counterpart, which I suppose is fine, and will be rated as a representation of the arcade. 

Graphically, Rampage World Tour looks pretty solid.  The characters are fluid (as fluid as the DKL series I'd say) and the color enhances the feel of the game, however, what is missing is the different backgrounds of the cities, and of course the detail in people.  I remember being able to eat the queen in the arcade- and I though that it would be cool to do the same on the GBC, however, due to the relatively low resolution, it doesn't look like it was possible.  Oh well :)  Overall, the color adds to the game, but on the same token, it doesn't really add that much to the game. 

The Music in Rampage was okay.  It really didn't add much to the effect of the game, and the screams and squishes are inaudible which was a bit of a disappointment, however, I still think the music is well suited. 

So here's the final marks for Rampage World Tour - by Midway. 

Gameplay -8-  What you'd expect from a rampage game. 
Control- 7 -  Not quite the same as the arcade, it took some getting used to. 
Graphics- 8 - Good graphics, and even better animation. 
Sound- 7 -  Average music and sound effects, but still fitting with the theme. 
Staying power- 7 - It's a good port of a good arcade game.  And as such, there really isn't much you can add to keep you coming back again.  It's fun, but only while it holds your interest.   

Overall  score, 7.3 out of 10. 

A solid game, good for a quick fix but not great when considering game depth.