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Power Quest - Sunsoft

I've played my fair share of GB fighters, and I need to mention that it takes a lot in a GB fighter to impress me.  Power Quest by Sunsoft does just that.  This cart originally started off as a Capcom development under the name Power Modeller, however, Capcom sold the rights to Sunsoft.  And as a Capcom fighter, it contains all the elements which made the Street Fighter games work:  Great play control, good intelligence, fun characters, and a good story.  

The Gameplay is that of a typical fighter- a fair selection of characters each with 3 or 4 different special moves (and eventually 1 or 2 supers).  There's lots of action in both the Quest and 1P modes.  In the Quest mode, you go around town fighting anyone who you can challenge to earn cash to buy parts for your robot to increase its potential.  Eventually, you move on to the national tournament to face even more robots and find additional items.

Graphically Power Quest succeeds in providing good environments and a good selection of robot colors.  Everything in this game graphically is great with the exception of the weird little kids with big ears and weird coloring...

There isn't much to say about the music in the game.  It's okay, but not excellent.

So here's the final marks for Power Quest - by Sunsoft

Gameplay -9-  Good blend of RPG and Fighting.
Control- 9 -  Typical Street Fighter style control.  Responsive and precise.  I like it!
Graphics- 9 -  Makes good use of the color.
Sound- 7 - I dunno, it's average music and SFX.
Replay value- 8 - 6 different robots give this game good replay
Overall  score, 8.5 out of 10.