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 Pitfall: Beyond the Jungle- Crave entertainment
Pitfall: Beyond the Jungle is one of those games that you first crack open, and just can't stop playing no matter what.  This game offers a lot of challenge for gamers who don't want to be bored easily.  Although the concept is simple (jump, use pickaxe, jump, grab vine, etc...) Pitfall is incredibly long (6 levels with 4+ sections in each) and incredibly difficult.  The password function sees to it that you don't need to go through your previously completed levels on your quest. 

Graphically, Pitfall is one of the best I've seen yet for GBC.  The backgrounds are well shaded (see the different shades of sky in the pictures above), the characters are well animated and make good use of the color. 

I haven't listened to the soundtrack much as I do most of my playing while watching TV or listening to the radio, but what I've heard sounds pretty good concidering the 4 channels of sound the GBC has. 

I can imagine that the replay value would be quite high for a game like this, as with most of the other pitfall games, I could play this over and over without getting bored.  I think this game is destined to be an early classic for the GBC 

Gameplay -8- Nothing new.  Typical run, jump, and swing platform game.  Very much unlike the old pitfall games. 
Control- 7 -  Hard jumps are sometimes VERY hard to make.  Very finicky at times, but precise. 
Graphics- 8 - Solid graphics, excellent animation. 
Sound- 9 -  And typically good music... 
Replay value- 7 - Going through pitfall over and over would be more fun if I didn't have tetris DX to fight for the replay value. 
Overall  score, 7.5 out of 10.