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GBC Demo Cartridge

Many of us saw screenshots of a demo running on the GBC before its release at ECTS and E3.  Someone managed to get a hold of this cartridge, and I was able to get some screenshots from it.  The following happen during the demo:  Nintendo logo fade out (same as in tetris DX), Tetris DX demo, Blackboard logo, Wario pic, Warioland 2 demo, Magic Cube, more Warioland 2, Fish tank (same as in tetris DX), yet more Wario, Mario/Wario battle for color, Zelda logo, Zelda gameplay, More cool Nintendo logo fades with other colors- cycles from blue -> Red -> Green ->Blue.

Anyways, there's no interaction in this cartridge, but since I know many of you saw articles with pictures of this sequence in magazines I thought I'd give it a whirl.  Enjoy the screenies!